Saturday, August 3, 2013

New posts coming soon!

Hello out there to the loyal fan(s)! Because I'm biologically addicted to textual analysis, I'm going to be posting on Episodist again. My critical project will largely be the same, trying to write about television in a way that's more rigorous and detailed (as well as informed by various critical methodologies from literary and film studies) than most TV writing on the Internet. I'm also going to stay committed to the single-episode format, maintaining the focus on the episode as the fundamental unit of television (sorry, David Simon). I'll still be randomly selecting from every kind of television-relating thing I watch, from anime to sports, both minor and major episodes, as well as a handful of "wildcard" episodes from shows that I don't regularly watch. Random selection is a means of getting me to go off the beaten path and devote critical attention to things that might not get it.

The main difference between the old Episodist and the new is schedule and length. Adhering to a weekly schedule before lead to some rushed and downright bad writing, and I often felt as though I couldn't really explicate my arguments or get to everything I wanted to. I also have to balance this with my various other writing projects, as well as grad school and all the other drains on my time, such as occasionally venturing into the outside world. Because of this Episodist will now take the form of longer (probably around 5000 words, although it depends on how much I have to say -- the first one will be substantially shorter) essays on an occasional basis (probably about once a month). Hopefully this format will allow me to take into account all of the various tendencies and influences going on in any episode of television, or at least all of them that I can understand.

I have a couple entries already written, so you'll be seeing them fairly shortly. The new Episodist begins soon with an analysis of web sports documentary series The Reem. The first one, and we're breaking all the rules!

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